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In 2018, you will be able to choose from the same list of Medigap plans as you can right now. The Medigap 2018 list of plans isn’t changing, nor is their coverage. So, if you are looking ahead for the coverage plan to purchase in the future, you can start looking at the plans that are available right now.

About Medigap

Medigap 2018Now, Medigap is able to provide a wealth of coverage for those who need some additional support to pay their medical expenses. That coverage isn’t free, by any means, and you will have to pay for any coverage plan you want. The Medigap plans, while created by Medicare, are only available through insurance companies. Numerous companies carry them, and they all have different prices for the various plans.

If you are paying a lot for your medical expenses right now or you think you will be soon, then Medigap coverage may be perfect for you. You definitely want to look at the price that’s being charged for the coverage plan you think you should get and then compare that cost to how much you pay every month in medical expenses. If you believe you would save money by signing up for Medigap, then you should do so.

Medigap is only available to those who already have Medicare. If you are not yet eligible for Medicare or you don’t plan to sign up for it, then you won’t be able to sign up for Medigap either. You should also realize that Medigap and Medicare have no overlapping coverage. Where Medicare falls short in covering certain medical expenses, Medigap helps out, providing that additional coverage. If you have a plan that would overlap with Medigap, such as a Medicare Advantage plan, then you will have to drop that plan first before you can sign up for Medigap.


Before you can determine if Medigap will be right for you, you first have to examine how much coverage it offers. Now each of the 10 different plans provides differing amounts of coverage. Plan F will cover everything possible, while Plan A covers very little in comparison.

How much coverage you receive is up to you. Just choose the plan you want that has the kind of coverage you are looking for.

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If you need lots of coverage, you should be considering the high-coverage plans. These are Plan F, Plan G and Plan N. They have more coverage than the rest, but they also cost more. Plan F, in particular, is very pricey. In most cases, you would save money by choosing any of the other plans and paying for the difference in coverage out of your own pockets.

Plan F covers all the supplemental costs you could accrue, and that includes coverage for most deductibles and most copayments, for nursing care coinsurance and for much of your hospital stay expenses. This Medigap 2018 plan also has coverage for Medicare Part B excess charges, for some more blood every year than you would be covered for with Medicare’s basic plan and for up to 80% of the foreign travel exchange.

Do you need all that coverage? Perhaps, but you may still save money by choosing a cheaper, lower coverage plan. Plan G is a good alternative. It comes with just about the same coverage, and the only difference is really the Medicare Part B deductible that you have to pay when you have it.

Determining the Best Plan

Before you can know which plan is right for you, you should first determine if you need Medigap at all. Not everyone saves money by purchasing that additional coverage. In fact, it could be in your best interest to not even have Medicare. These insurance plans cost money, after all, and if your health is in a relatively good state, then you can probably get by with some very basic insurance coverage.

The most stable plan for you will be the one that saves you money when you compare it to paying for the cost on your own, forom your own pockets. Which plan that is will be determined by your specific situation.

You can talk to your doctor and your insurance agent to find out what kinds of expenses you should be preparing for and how to best cover those expenses. Not every expense you have to pay for needs to be covered. If you try one of the Medigap plans for 2018 and decide that it isn’t right for you or that it’s not meeting your needs the way you thought it would, then you can always change your plan. Sometimes a person’s health might change, and they may no longer need certain types of coverage or they may need more coverage than they had before. If they are smart, they will get a new coverage plan that accurately reflects their new situation.

Every year, you should reevaluate your plan and see if a new one would work better for you. Even if you already have a Medigap plan and you feel it is working well for you, it’s a good idea to examine similar plans and see if maybe one of them won’t work a bit better in your situation. Any time that you have a major health change, you should reassess your medical coverage as well. The same plan may not work for you forever, and you want to be sure that you are saving as much money as possible with your coverage plan.

To find out where the best rates are for the plan you have chosen, you can use our free service. We allow you to search rates on whichever plan you like. Just type in the name of the plan and tell us where you are, and we can perform a search that will provide you with accurate and up-to-date pricing information. Come visit us today to learn more or to find the best rates on Medigap 2018 plans.

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