Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 that are available, so which one is the best? We are going to look at how to identify the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 and how to save money on your plan once you have found the right one.

What Would Be Covered

Before we get into the best overall plan, let’s talk about what these plans can cover. They don’t all cover the same thing, obviously, but they all draw from the same coverage list. So, there is definitely some overlap between the plans, which is why you can only sign up for one at a time. You can also only sign up for a supplement plan if you already have a Medicare plan.

These plans can cover all sorts of medical expenses. Some of them you may need to pay quite often without the coverage plan while others would be far less common. One of the least commonly needed bits of coverage provided is the cover for foreign travel exchange that pays up to 80% of this expense after you have paid for the deductible. While most people won’t need this coverage, those that do travel often or live near a border may appreciate it.


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You also get covered for some expenses that Medicare pays to some degree. For instance, you can be covered for three more pints of blood every year than Medicare covers you for and for 365 more days of hospital expenses than you get with Medicare’s basic plan.

A lot of common expenses are covered as well with this plans, such as deductibles, co-payments coinsurance and excess charges. You will really only need these expenses covered, however, if you visit the hospital often and the charges are recurring ones for you.

Which Is the Best?

There is a lot of debate over which of the supplement plans is the best one overall. Most people will go with Plan G over any of the other ones, because it has the potential to save them the most money. In that way, it is the best, but not everyone needs all the coverage it comes with. If you only need a little bit of coverage, then Plan G won’t save you money and will actually be wasteful.

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018


Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

Plan F is another popular plan, as it covers all the supplemental expenses we already listed. It’s also the costliest plan by far, and that’s going to make it a bad deal for most people. The little bit of coverage it offers over Plan G isn’t worth the price tag that comes with it.


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Plan N is another high coverage plan that takes care of most of the supplemental expenses we listed above. It can provide coverage for all of them except for a deductible here, a copayment or two there and some excess charges.

These are there plans that most people will go for, and they are often considered the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018, but Plan G is definitely the one that can save you the most money on your medical expenses. It’s only going to be the best plan for you, however, if you have a lot of medical expenses to be covered. If you only have a few small ones to pay, you definitely want to choose a lower coverage plan. There are plenty of those available, and it’s worth your time to look at them and consider which one will fit your needs best.

In the end, you can’t say that any one plan is without a doubt the best plan. There is a best plan for everyone, but it varies from person to person, based on their circumstances. As your health changes over time, the plan that’s best for you will change too.

What won’t change for now is the coverage. Medicare has assured its subscribers that it won’t be changing the coverage anytime soon. All through 2018, the same coverage that is in place now will still be in effect.



How to Save Money on Your Supplement Plan

So, you have looked through the supplement plans and you have settled on one that you think will be great for you, covering your expenses and meeting your needs for a few years to come.  That’s great, but did you know that there isn’t a standard price for these plans? You could pay all sorts of different premiums for Medicare insurance plans, if you aren’t careful about which insurance company you go with. The price you pay always comes down to the insurance provider you choose to purchase the plan from. Medicare doesn’t have a hand in picking the prices, nor does it demand that insurance companies that sell its plans stick to any pricing guidelines. Those companies are free to do as they choose with the premiums.

They cannot change the coverage, but the prices can be all over the place. While Plan F is often considered to be outrageously expensive, some insurance companies sell it for a reasonable price. Their Plan F could be cheaper than someone else’s lower coverage Plan G. It all depends on how they choose to price their plans.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

Which insurance company is offering the best deals on Supplemental Medicare coverage? You won’t know until you look at a few of them and get a feel for what prices they charge and what plans they have on offer. We are going to look at AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018, and you can make the decision yourself as to whether they are a good pick for you or not.

The reason we are looking at 2018 plans is because you have to sign up for these plans in 2018. You can sign up during Open Enrollment- from November to December. Once you are approved, the plan will go into effect for 2018. By the time you are read this article, it is probably already too late to sign up for 2018 plans, so 2018 is your next window of opportunity to apply and get the coverage plan you want.

You can also sign up around your 65th birthday- the three months prior and the three months after. These are your two main signup times, and you may not be able to sign up outside of these two windows.

Why Choose AARP?

We picked out AARP from the other insurance companies because it is one of the biggest and most popular. It may not always be the cheapest choice or the one with the most options, but it does have a lot to offer you.

AARP is known for offering senior care services of all kinds. Many of these do cost money, such as their medical insurance plans. You will pay a premium each month for any Supplement plans you sign up for with them. These Supplement plans are not only offered by AARP, but with this company, you will have your plan backed up by excellent customer service and a reputation for longevity. AARP has been around for a long time, so you know that your plan should be safe and that the company isn’t like to fold or merge anytime soon and disrupt your coverage.

AARP also offers a lot of member services. You can get access to all sorts of senior services that would not be available if you chose most other insurance providers. That’s because AARP is far more than an insurance company. Their medical insurance and even their other types of insurance they offer are just a small part of their total business, so you are part of something far larger than just insurance coverage when you sign up with them.

That also means that you may pay more for AARP than you would other insurance company’s plans. For many people, the additional services and the reputation of the company outweigh the extra expenses. You’ll have to decide for yourself if AARP is the right choice for you. Let’s look now at what they have to offer as far as insurance coverage goes.

AARP Supplemental Coverage

AARP cannot offer you any Supplement plan or supplemental coverage that isn’t available elsewhere. They have to stick to Medicare’s coverage rules. That means that individual plans are always the same. The plans are designated with letters, such as Plan F, Plan B, Plan C and so on. Now, if you were to buy Plan G from AARP, no matter what they charge you for that plan, it is the same plan as what you would get if you were eat buy Plan G from anyone else. Medicare has made sure that the coverage doesn’t change unless they say so. AARP may be able to set their own prices for Supplement plans, but they cannot affect the coverage at all.

What is that coverage, though? Let’s take a look.

Medicare Supplement plans offer a wide range of overage, taking care of common and uncommon expenses all of which are not covered by the basic Medicare Plan. AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 are no different they all get their coverage for the same basic set of items. They could cover you for the Medicare Part A deductible or the Part B deductible. They could cover you for emergency medical transport in foreign countries, for blood use (up to three pints a year), excess charges for Medicare Part B (rare, but useful to some people), skilled nursing care and hospice care.

No matter which Medicare Supplement plan you buy from AARP, you know it is going to have coverage from this list and this list only. Plan F is the one plan to include everything on the list, but other plans come in close. Plan G and Plan N offer nearly full coverage, as does Plan C. These are all high coverage plans, and they are well suited to people who have a lot of medical expenses or serious medical problems.

AARP doesn’t get to decide which plan covers what. They can only decide which of the plans to sell you. There are certain plans they must offer, but you should not count on them to have the same plans as everyone else. The plans they offer may change in time, so keep checking back with them if you like the company but don’t like their selection. What you don’t want to do is settle for a plan that does not cover you well just because it looks like the only plan available to you.

Choosing the Right AARP Plan

So, how do you choose the right plan from whatever AARP has to offer in 2018? Well, you are going to first have to look at your own needs. Examine what you are paying for out of pocket and how much you are paying. Look at what you can afford to pay and set a limit on your insurance spending. That way you won’t end up with a plan that may cover you well but that is out of your price range.

Once you do that, then you can look at what AARP has to offer you for supplemental coverage. They usually only sell a few plans, but they tend to be some of the most popular plans. You’ll want to compare the coverage on those plans until you find one that’s a good fit for you.

Yom may not find a perfect plan that covers only what you want to have covered and nothing else, but that’s okay. You may be able to benefit from a little additional coverage. For instance, most of the Supplement plans offer coverage for foreign emergency medical travel. That’s not something that most people need in their lifetime, but it can come in useful if you are travelling or if you live near the border of another country.

A little extra coverage can be useful, providing you a cushion that helps out in the case of an emergency or other unexpected expenses. Extra coverage beyond what you actually need can also provide peace of mind. You won’t have to worry that you will have to pay a lot when an emergency happens.

Still, you don’t wan ta lot of extra coverage, especially if you are on a tight budget. Be sure you go for a lean plan that covers not much more than what you are paying for out of pocket right now. Once you do that, you can save money and get covered like you need to be.

The AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2018 can be just what you need in order to cut your healthcare spending and be covered all year long. You just have to sort through their options to find the right plan. Be sure to compare AARP to other companies, though, and find out what they are offering and how AARP stacks up. That way, you will know if you are getting the best possible deal or not.

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018

Plan F is a Medicare Supplement coverage plan that takes care of lots of different medical expenses for you. We want to show you what Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 is offering and why you may or may not want to sign up for it.

Medicare supplements are designed for seniors to use with Medicare’s basic plan, and if you already have that basic plan, and you pay for medical expenses out of pocket that are kind of hard to afford, then you may need supplemental insurance.

What Does Plan F Offer?

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018 If you get Plan F, then you can start enjoying a whole host of coverage for your medical expenses. There is no variation in one Plan F to another. This plan, like other Medicare Supplements, is sold through a number of different insurance companies. These companies can choose the prices they want to charge for these plans and even pick which plans they want to offer, but they cannot decide how much coverage a given plan has. Only Medicare gets to affect, change or guarantee coverage on a given Medicare Supplement plan, even though Medicare does not sell these plans directly.

Plan F has guaranteed coverage, and it is not scheduled to change at all through 2018. So, if you look that coverage the plan has right now, in 2018, you will know exactly what to expect if you sign up for a 2018 plan. This Medicare Supplement plan is what is known as a full coverage plan and as such, it will cover you for every supplemental insurance expense you could possibly accrue.

So, what are supplemental expenses? Well they are medical expenses that you have to pay yourself from your own pockets if you have a Medicare basic plan but not a Medicare Supplement plan. Even if you have certain Supplement plans, you may still have to pay some supplemental expenses but not with Plan F. This one takes care of all of these.

Supplemental expenses are those medical costs that are left over for you to pay after the basic Medicare plan does its part in providing medical coverage to you. There may be there medical costs that neither the basic plan or the Supplement plan will cover, though, and you need to be aware of that. Don’t think that you are fully covered for every possible medical expense just because you have a basic Medicare plan as well as Supplement Plan F.

However, Plan F does offer some powerful coverage, and combined with basic Medicare, this is some robust coverage for most medical expenses. The majority of people will have very few, if any, medical expenses to pay out of pocket once they have the combined power of these two plans working or them.


Medicare Plan F 2019


We are not going to get into what basic Medicare covers for you right here in this article. You can look that up if you like, but what we want to focus on for now is the coverage provided by Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Plan F will cover you for all of your Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles. The deductible is what you pay each year for coverage for a specific part of Medicare. If you have basic Medicare, then you have to pay those two deductibles, but if you have Plan F, then you are covered for them. Plan F is one of the few Supplement plans to provide coverage for Part B’s deductible.

Plan F also covers you for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B copayments. These are paid for each visit to the hospital or doctor’s office for services related to Medicare Part A or Part B.

It can also cover the Medicare Part B excess charges, which you would normally have to pay on your own if you go for Part B services at a medical facility that does not fully accept Medicare coverage. That’s not something most people will have to worry about, but for those who do, it’s great to have this coverage, as it can take care of some hefty costs.

Plan F will also provide coverage for foreign emergency medical travel, such as when you are transported by helicopter or ambulance to a medical facility not within the US borders. This coverage item is only for up to 80% of your total costs for this service, and it only provides cover after you pay the required deductible.

You can be covered as well under Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 for blood usage- as much as three more pints each year than you get covered for by Medicare’s basic plan.

Plan F also provides cover for coinsurance costs due for hospice and skill nursing care services. These are copayments you have to make if you receive service related to these kinds of medical care. Basic Medicare covers you for much of those services but requires you pay coinsurance on them, which would be covered under Supplement Plan F.

Is Plan F the Best Choice?

Now, when it comes to Medicare Supplement plans, you should know that there are ten of them in all. These plans offer you a lot of different levels of coverage, and you may not need the full coverage provided by Plan F. You will need to assess your personal coverage needs and the kind of expenses you pay for medical care each month to determine what you need to have covered. You may be okay with just little bit of coverage, and you may not need supplemental coverage at all, much less Plan F.

However, this plan is beneficial to many seniors, and they do save money by signing up for it, since it covers many medical services that they would otherwise have to pay for on their own. However, compared to other Supplement plans, particularly Plan G or Plan N, Supplement Plan F can have a poor value to cost ratio. Yes, it does cover you for a lot of medical expenses and sometimes at a reasonable rate, but Plan G and Plan N are slightly stripped back affairs compared to Plan F, and they cost much less (in many instances) while covering almost the same medical expenses. It’s worth looking into these other two plans, if you are interested in Plan F but want to save even more money.


medicare supplement plans 2018


It’s always a good idea to look at similar Medicare Supplement plans to see if there might be a good one for you that costs less or that covers you better. You should choose the plan that will save you the most money while covering you in the most suitable way. That means picking a plan that meets your coverage needs and causes you to pay less for medical care out of pocket while not stretching your budget too much with its monthly premiums.

You do have to make monthly payments on any Supplement plan you sign up for, and those can add up. You can save some money on them by comparing prices on different versions of the same plan from different insurance companies. Remember that no company can alter the coverage, so if you want a lower cost version of Plan F than what you have been finding when you search online for prices, then just compare more prices. You can use price comparison services to compare a bunch of prices at once and find the best possible deal.

How to Apply for Plan F

Does Plan F sound like it might be a good fit for you? if so, then you need to know how to sign up for it and where you can get it. You can start by looking at local insurance companies or companies that serve your area with medical insurance. Get some quotes from them to determine the best price and then send in an application to the one you think is the best fit for you.

You can apply online, filling out a short form, and then wait for a response. That response can take a few days to come, so be patient. You should not have any trouble qualifying for the plan you chose, be it plan F or something else, if you meet the minimum requirements. For Medicare Supplements plans, that would be simply achieving 65 years of age and being a US citizen.

If you already have a basic Medicare plan, then you already qualify for Supplement plans as well. It’s not something that is difficult to become eligible for. You do need to have a basic Medicare plan, though, in order for the Supplement pans to work. You cannot purchase a supplement plan alone. You can either sign up for them both at the same time or sign up for a basic plan first.

If you are approved for a Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018, then it will start providing you coverage on January 1st of 2018. Be sure to sign up before then so that you can start enjoying the coverage it offers for medical care.


Medicare Plan G

medicare supplement plan g 2018Coverage for your medical costs can help you to actually afford the healthcare you need. Medicare’s basic calm may go along ways toward doing just that, but it can leave you with lots of smaller costs for you to pay through the year. Those copayments, deductibles and other expenses really add up, and you may need to find some way to cover those costs. Medicare Plan G covers a large percentage of leftover costs from Original Medicare, and it’s a good option for people who need a lot of additional coverage.

Coverage Offered by Plan G

Each of the 10 Supplement plans has something different to offer you. Some of them provide low coverage, and then ones like Plan G offer high coverage. Let’s take a look at what it covers for those who sign up for it.

Plan G will cover annual expenses, such as the Medicare Part A deductible and three pints of blood each year. It also covers you for payments you have to make every time you visit the hospital or the doctor’s office, such as the Part A and Part B copayments. You’ll also be covered by Plan G for common expenses like skilled nursing care as well as uncommon ones, such as Medicare Part B excess charges and foreign transport for emergency medical care.

Not many of the plans cover more than Plan G does, and it is considered one of the most robust Medicare Supplement plans available. The coverage is guaranteed to stay the same no matter which insurance provider you choose to buy the plan from. You could go to Aetna and get Plan G for one price or go to AARP and get it for another, and you would still receive the same coverage at both places. That’s something that Medicare makes sure of.

The individual insurance companies that are tasked with selling the plans are able to set the prices to whatever they want, but the coverage and benefits are not up to them to decide. Those are chosen by Medicare and only Medicare can change them. So, you can be sure that you will get the same Plan G no matter where you chose to buy it from. That gives seniors peace of mind when they go to buy their insurance plans. They have an idea of what they are getting, and they know that they are guaranteed certain things, even if the price can be all over the place.

What to Do to Sign up for Plan G

It’s not complicated to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan like Plan G. However, if you don’t know who is selling them or where to start, it can be kind of confusing. It’s not something that Medicare is going to sell you. They really only sell their basic plan, Original Medicare.

So, if you are wanting Medicare Plan G or one of the other supplemental plans, you’ll have to choose a private insurance company to buy it from. You may not know which provider has the plan you are wanting or what prices they are charging. Instead of going to each and every insurance company you can think of to ask for quotes or to find out of they even sell the plan, you can use a price comparison service online to get your answers. These are free services offered by a number of organizations that compare the rates for you and give you accurate and up-to-date quotes that are direct from the source.


medicare plan g 2018


You will not be able to sign up just anytime of the year. You have to apply during specific windows that have been set aside for signups. These are known as general enrollment and Open Enrollment. General enrollment runs from the start of the year until the end of March. Open Enrollment starts sometime in November and runs through about the end of December, but the exact dates change every so often.

You can also sign up around your 65th birthday, if you want to. Applications are accepted up to three months before you turn 65 until three months after you turn 65.

The Medicare Supplement plans are not something you can just sign up for on their own. You have to have the basic Medicare plan first. That plan is required for any supplement plans to attach onto it, because they are meant to work together. You could have just the basic Medicare plan on its own, but you can’t sign up solely for any of the Supplement plans.

Choosing the Right Coverage Plan

Not everyone needs a Supplement plans. Some of them are going to be too much for most people, while others will be inadequate for some people. You’ll have to sort through them to choose the most suitable one for you.

Plan G is on the higher end of the coverage scale, but it is also a great deal for those people who really need what it is offering. No other plan can offer such great coverage at such a reasonable price, most of the time.



Plan N is comparable to Plan G, and it covers nearly the same things, but just shaves off a bit of coverage here and there. Plan F comes with more coverage than either of those plans, and it is the most complete of all the Supplement plans. Most people don’t benefit from buying this plan over Plan G, as Plan G tends to save them money overall.

You’ll have to choose your plan wisely. We can’t say to you that one plan is going to be a better choice for you in your specific cirucmantscnes than another plan. Only by looking at what your needs are and what you can afford and comparing that to what these plans offer can you make the right decision You can get some guidance from your insurance agent and from your doctor to better understand what plan might be a good pick in your circumstances. It could be Medicare Plan G, or it could be another plan entirely.

So, if you are looking to save some money on these coverage plans, then you should definitely be shopping around for premiums. Don’t just go with the first one that you find. Instead, take your time to look at the available prices and make an informed decision. You’ll be glad you put in that extra effort, as it will pay off with lower rates every month that can add up to huge savings.

The best way to see what those prices are without having to contact each individual insurance company about their premiums is through our website. There, we have a free, no-obligation service that lets you see what the prices are for whichever plan you are interested in. You can find out how much several of the insurance companies are charging for their plans all in one search. It is the best way to get the best prices for Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018.


medicare supplement plans 2018
medicare supplement plans 2018









Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018