Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

There are 10 Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 that are available, so which one is the best? We are going to look at how to identify the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 and how to save money on your plan once you have found the right one.

What Would Be Covered

Before we get into the best overall plan, let’s talk about what these plans can cover. They don’t all cover the same thing, obviously, but they all draw from the same coverage list. So, there is definitely some overlap between the plans, which is why you can only sign up for one at a time. You can also only sign up for a supplement plan if you already have a Medicare plan.

These plans can cover all sorts of medical expenses. Some of them you may need to pay quite often without the coverage plan while others would be far less common. One of the least commonly needed bits of coverage provided is the cover for foreign travel exchange that pays up to 80% of this expense after you have paid for the deductible. While most people won’t need this coverage, those that do travel often or live near a border may appreciate it.


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You also get covered for some expenses that Medicare pays to some degree. For instance, you can be covered for three more pints of blood every year than Medicare covers you for and for 365 more days of hospital expenses than you get with Medicare’s basic plan.

A lot of common expenses are covered as well with this plans, such as deductibles, co-payments coinsurance and excess charges. You will really only need these expenses covered, however, if you visit the hospital often and the charges are recurring ones for you.

Which Is the Best?

There is a lot of debate over which of the supplement plans is the best one overall. Most people will go with Plan G over any of the other ones, because it has the potential to save them the most money. In that way, it is the best, but not everyone needs all the coverage it comes with. If you only need a little bit of coverage, then Plan G won’t save you money and will actually be wasteful.

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018


Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

Plan F is another popular plan, as it covers all the supplemental expenses we already listed. It’s also the costliest plan by far, and that’s going to make it a bad deal for most people. The little bit of coverage it offers over Plan G isn’t worth the price tag that comes with it.


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Plan N is another high coverage plan that takes care of most of the supplemental expenses we listed above. It can provide coverage for all of them except for a deductible here, a copayment or two there and some excess charges.

These are there plans that most people will go for, and they are often considered the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018, but Plan G is definitely the one that can save you the most money on your medical expenses. It’s only going to be the best plan for you, however, if you have a lot of medical expenses to be covered. If you only have a few small ones to pay, you definitely want to choose a lower coverage plan. There are plenty of those available, and it’s worth your time to look at them and consider which one will fit your needs best.

In the end, you can’t say that any one plan is without a doubt the best plan. There is a best plan for everyone, but it varies from person to person, based on their circumstances. As your health changes over time, the plan that’s best for you will change too.

What won’t change for now is the coverage. Medicare has assured its subscribers that it won’t be changing the coverage anytime soon. All through 2018, the same coverage that is in place now will still be in effect.

How to Save Money on Your Supplement Plan

So, you have looked through the supplement plans and you have settled on one that you think will be great for you, covering your expenses and meeting your needs for a few years to come.  That’s great, but did you know that there isn’t a standard price for these plans? You could pay all sorts of different premiums for Medicare insurance plans, if you aren’t careful about which insurance company you go with. The price you pay always comes down to the insurance provider you choose to purchase the plan from. Medicare doesn’t have a hand in picking the prices, nor does it demand that insurance companies that sell its plans stick to any pricing guidelines. Those companies are free to do as they choose with the premiums.

They cannot change the coverage, but the prices can be all over the place. While Plan F is often considered to be outrageously expensive, some insurance companies sell it for a reasonable price. Their Plan F could be cheaper than someone else’s lower coverage Plan G. It all depends on how they choose to price their plans.

So, if you are looking to save some money on these coverage plans, then you should definitely be shopping around for premiums. Don’t just go with the first one that you find. Instead, take your time to look at the available prices and make an informed decision. You’ll be glad you put in that extra effort, as it will pay off with lower rates every month that can add up to huge savings.

The best way to see what those prices are without having to contact each individual insurance company about their premiums is through our website. There, we have a free, no-obligation service that lets you see what the prices are for whichever plan you are interested in. You can find out how much several of the insurance companies are charging for their plans all in one search. It is the best way to get the best prices for Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018.


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Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018